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StarryProx® SPX-1 Smart Proximity Sensor ASIC



StarryProx® proximity sensor IC (SPX-1) is a mixed signal ASIC (SoC) based on a patented technology platform and the industry’s first and only smart universal inductive/capacitive proximity sensing ASIC capable of both DC and AC applications. The ASIC integrates a microcontroller for configuring multiple detection modes to achieve high level detection flexibility and programmability. The integrated nonvolatile memory makes programmability and environmental adaptation possible. Since most of the electronics was integrated in the chip the sensor design and manufacturing process is greatly simplified. And reliability is greatly improved. The chip can be used with coreless or PCB coils to achieve high level magnetic field immunity.


The plug programmability at the end of production line not only eliminates the need for potentiometer adjustment or laser trimming process, cancels out all production process tolerances and errors, but also greatly simplifies manufacturing process.


The ASIC can be used for 3 and 4 wire DC, 2 wire AC/DC sensor modules. The chip’s 24pin 4mm x 4mm QFN package makes it possible to build a cylindrical sensor module as small as M8 in diameter. Even smaller sensor modules (down to M5) can be built with tested wafer using chip on board assembly process.




  • Patented advanced technology platform for both inductive and capacitive sensing

  • Mixed signal ASIC for both DC and AC applications

  • Plug programmable

  • Correction factor 1

  • Extended sensing range

  • High level EMI immune capacitive sensing

  • High level magnetic field immunity

  • Selective sensing of ferrous or non-ferrous metals

  • High switching frequency

  • Programmable digital temperature compensation

  • Intelligent temperature adaptation through machine learning

  • Coreless flat sensing coil or coil with ferrite core

  • Very small 4mm X 4mm QFN24 package

  • Low cost


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